erl_tidy options

Cláudio Amaral coa@REDACTED
Fri Jul 24 19:46:56 CEST 2009

Hi all!

I am exploring the syntax tools provided by Erlang and I can't see the 
real purpose of erl_tidy and I can't understand the purpose of the options.

For example, what is the gain of the transformation at the end of the 
compiling process?
Ex - {auto_export_vars, true} option
{X, Y} = case ... of
                     ... -> {17, foo()};
                     ... -> {42, bar()}

case ... of
       ... -> X = 17, Y = foo(), {X, Y};
       ... -> X = 42, Y = bar(), {X, Y}

Or the option {auto_list_comp, true}, rewriting calls to lists:map/2 and 
lists:filter/2 to list comprehensions.

Cláudio Amaral.

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