[erlang-questions] run an otp/application as a service

info info@REDACTED
Thu Jul 23 19:15:14 CEST 2009

Hi Robby,
You, you know how to read the doc !
I progress ...
The events observer gives this:
Erlang machine stopped instantly (distribution name conflict?). The service is not restarted as OnFail is set to ignore.
Any idea ?
If I resume the situation:
- my OTP application runs correctly in Eclipse;
- my OTP application hangs in werl.exe
- erlsrv.exe add ServiceName -args "-s startting"   add the service to the system
- erlsrv.exe start ServiceName start the service but the observer gives the above message and the service doesn't start.

The -args option takes one (!) argument, so try:

erlsrv.exe add ServiceName -args "-s starting"


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