httpd and detecting tcp_close

Jim Morris wolfmanjm@REDACTED
Mon Jul 20 21:17:28 CEST 2009

I'm pretty sure you could hack it to do so, but I don't use httpd.

I can tell you how I handled the situation last year when I wrote a
Java/Jetty based long poll server that had the same problem. There was
no way to hack Jetty to detect the close, so I had to add a timeout
for every client on the server. Basically the long poll returned every
30 seconds, and the client would immediately re issue the poll.
If the server did not get a long poll from the client within 60
seconds it would presume it was closed. This worked although sub
optimal because it could take up to 60 seconds to detect a lost
client. However it was the only option I could find.

On Jul 20, 12:04 pm, Joel Reymont <joe...@REDACTED> wrote:
> Is there a way to hook into the tcp_close notification received by  
> httpd?
> It's absolutely necessary that I get notified when the client end of a  
> long-poll connection is broken but it doesn't seem like httpd provides  
> an API for this.
>         Thanks, Joel
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