Problem with distel debugging / breakpoint

Dale Harvey harveyd@REDACTED
Sun Jul 12 16:33:28 CEST 2009

having avoided proper debugging with io statements for to long,
giving the distel debugger a shot.

following the guide at which
is realy good, however hitting a wall.

I C-c C-d i to set intepreted, works fine, I press C-x SPC to mark a
breakpoint, fine, I run a function that hits the break point, it stops,
I get am edb window, however when I press RET on the process, I
get the message No buffer for pid [TYPE erl-pid distel_768@REDACTED 8 0 0]

The function never returns and I cant seem to select a process to
debug, made screenshots to hopefully make it clear.
set a breakpoint, its been hit, window pops up,
press return, then

Entirely possible I am doing something silly like pressing the wrong
key but debugging it isnt easy.


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