[erlang-questions] compile transforms which change the module name

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Fri Jul 10 17:30:14 CEST 2009

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 4:50 PM, Vlad Dumitrescu<vladdu55@REDACTED> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 15:50, Joe Armstrong<erlang@REDACTED> wrote:
>>> - it would be nice to have tools to do the reverse transformation for
>>> logs and error messages; also, to be able to find the right version of
>>> a module in ClearCase or SVN given the name and a MD5 hash.
>> No need to the transformed module can have an added exported function:
>>    my_origonal_name() ->
>>         xxxx.
> That will handle the name, but the version number in the version
> control system might be important too. Possibly another generated
> function my_original_version_number() could handle that, but it's not
> easy to cover all VCSs...
> Then again, the map() data might need to be saved somewhere too (and
> version controlled).
> There seem to be many small things that have to be put in place. If
> there weren't had been, the whole issue would have been trivial :-)

How about like GIT? every program has a parent (in the sense that you often
just edit a file and it progresses through several versions) - so you
just record the
MD5 of the parent(s)


> regards,
> Vlad

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