Max. number of distributed nodes?

Peter Sabaini peter@REDACTED
Thu Jul 9 14:45:19 CEST 2009


I'm currently experimenting with a distributed Erlang setup and I'm
trying to get ~120 nodes spread (unevenly) over 5 machines to talk to
each other. 

Unfortunately, I often get errors of the kind:

=ERROR REPORT==== 9-Jul-2009::13:56:07 ===
The global_name_server locker process received an unexpected message:


=ERROR REPORT==== 9-Jul-2009::14:03:33 ===
global: 'foo@REDACTED' failed to connect to 'qux@REDACTED'

I tried:

* setting ERL_MAX_PORTS to 100 000

* using kernel-poll

* setting net_setuptime to 60s

but the errors persist.

Is there anything else I could try?


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