[erlang-questions] tcp_close during async accept

Valentin Micic v@REDACTED
Wed Jul 8 14:41:04 CEST 2009

In my experience, a backlog value is rarely an issue in practice (although
testing may be another matter). What's more often a problem when you do
high-volume testing is number of file descriptors (e.g. maybe you did change
it in ERTS but not at kernel level, or vice-versa), or even value for
TIME_WAIT period etc. What makes you believe that the problem is with

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I'm not sure for Max OSX, but I think it is 128. Although that wouldn't
explain why only half of your 700 connections are successful. Maybe there is
a fudge factor involved in the calculation of the actual backlog value, or
maybe the listener process isn't accepting connections quickly enough?
I know for Windows Sockets 1.1 the maximum value is 5, and some versions of
Windows (such as Windows 2000 Server) allow a backlog value of up to 200.

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> > What OS are you using? Maybe the maximum backlog on your platform is
> > less than 1024?
> Mac OSX 10.5.7
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