[erlang-questions] Replicated Mnesia table on dynamic nodes - how?

Jacek Furmankiewicz jacek99@REDACTED
Tue Jul 7 19:46:32 CEST 2009

OK, so how would you write common code to make sure a node creates the
initial schema (if it's the first one) or adds itself to an existing schema
(if another node has already created one).

I had this type of logic to create a schema on startup:
    case mnesia:create_schema([node()]) of
        {atomic,ok} -> ok;
        {error,{_,{already_exists,_}}} -> ok;
        Error ->
            error_logger:error_msg("Failed to create Mnesia schema:
~p.~nStopping application.~n",[Error]),

and then tried something like this for a new node to attach itself:
    case mnesia:change_config(extra_db_nodes,node()) of
        {ok,_Nodes} -> ok;
        {error, Reason} ->
            error_logger:error_msg("Failed to connect to Mnesia schema:
~p.~nStopping application.~n",[Reason]),

Our app does not have a single "master" node, all nodes are equal. The
system should basically auto-configure Mnesia (create schema by first node
that gets created, attach itself to an existing schema for all other nodes).
I'm not quite sure how to write this single code that all nodes could use to
reliably fulfill this requirement...

Cheers, Jacek

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