[ANN] ibrowse-1.5.0

Chandru chandrashekhar.mullaparthi@REDACTED
Thu Jul 2 01:06:07 CEST 2009


In response to comments I received from Oscar Hellström, Adam
Kocoloski and Chris Newcombe, I've updated ibrowse to use binaries
internally. A few other changes came up while these were being done. A
list of changes is included below (extract from README). From now on,
github will be the primary repository for ibrowse. I'll still push
changes to jungerl in Sourceforge.

Latest version : git://github.com/cmullaparthi/ibrowse.git
API : http://wiki.github.com/cmullaparthi/ibrowse/ibrowse-api

29-06-2009 - * Fixed following issues reported by Oscar Hellström
               - Use {active, once} instead of {active, true}
               - Fix 'dodgy' timeout handling
               - Use binaries internally instead of lists to reduce memory
                 consumption on 64 bit platforms. The default response format
                 is still 'list' to maintain backwards compatibility. Use the
                 option {response_format, binary} to get responses as binaries.
             * Fixed chunking bug (reported by Adam Kocoloski)
             * Added new option {inactivity_timeout, Milliseconds} to timeout
               requests if no data is received on the link for the specified
               interval. Useful when responses are large and links are flaky.
             * Added option {'connect_timeout', Milliseconds}
             * Added ibrowse:all_trace_off/0 to turn off all tracing
             * Change to the way responses to asynchronous requests are
               returned. The following messages have been removed.
                * {ibrowse_async_response, Req_id, {chunk_start, Chunk_size}}
                 * {ibrowse_async_response, Req_id, chunk_end}
             * Fixed Makefiles as part of Debian packaging
               (thanks to Thomas Lindgren)
             * Moved repository from Sourceforge to Github

Thanks to Adam Kocoloski and Chris Newcombe for help with testing.


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