[erlang-questions] Different arity of macroses

Maxim Treskin zerthurd@REDACTED
Wed Jul 1 10:26:43 CEST 2009


EPP does not handle macroses with different arity as different macroses, but
sometimes it can be a good property.

-define(DBG(F, A), io:format("DBG(~w:~b): " ++ F ++ "~n", [?MODULE, ?LINE]
++ A)).
-define(DBG(F), io:format("DBG(~w:~b): " ++ F ++ "~n", [?MODULE, ?LINE])).

and write ?DBG("Something here") instead of ?DBG("Something here", [])

May be it is appropriated to add this behaviour in EPP?

Thank you.

Maxim Treskin

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