[erlang-questions] edoc only specific modules

Dale Harvey dale@REDACTED
Sun Dec 27 18:33:59 CET 2009

erldocs isnt the new style official documentation, its one of my personal
projects, the new style official docs are up at http://demo.erlang.org/doc/

with modules documented with edoc, you can generate the xml file that is
used to generate the documentation with docb_gen

the code to generate the erldocs style documentation with the xml sources is

right now its only convenient for the otp layout, but ill make it easier to
include personal libraries soon, right now you can do

git clone git://github.com/daleharvey/erldocs.com.git

$cd src
>erldocs:all("/home/myname/myproj", "/home/myname/output",
"/home/myname/erldocs/static", "Yay My Project").

where annoyingly it expects myproj/lib/myapp/doc/src to contain the xml
files mentioned above.

Ill make this all a bunch easier sometime soon, give me an email if you want
a hand. to add disqus comments you can edit
(comments is also on my wishlist)

I believe the some of the build tools for the official erlang documentation
have been released in R13B03 but I havent had any luck with them.


2009/12/27 Max Lapshin <max.lapshin@REDACTED>

> Yes, I've missed this in documentation, but thanks.  Now I've got next
> question: how to generate documentation in style of
> http://erldocs.com/R13B03/ ?  I want the same templates for
> http://erlyvideo.org/rtmp and also I want to add custom code
> to documentation (DISQUS comments).
> The insertion of custom code is possible via external tools, but how
> to make new-style documentation?
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