[erlang-questions] epmd IP binding

Kenji Rikitake kenji.rikitake@REDACTED
Thu Dec 24 02:27:14 CET 2009

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dated Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 02:06:59AM -0800,
Jan Koum <jan.koum@REDACTED> writes:
> our freebsd box has multiple interfaces with multiple IP addresses.  is it
> possible to bind epmd to a specific IP address instead of *:4369?  thanks,

You cannot, without modifying epmd.
(see SET_ADDR_ANY macro in erts/epmd/src/epmd_int.h
 and the bind() system call of erts/epmd/src/epmd_srv.c
 (for R13B03))

I think being able to bind() to a specific IP address is an essential
function, especially running Erlang on a gateway box between multiple
networks.  The code would be relatively simple.  One of the issues is
how to specify the address, for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Kenji Rikitake

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