[erlang-questions] Web Sockets on Yaws/ewgi

filippo pacini filippo.pacini@REDACTED
Sun Dec 20 11:20:29 CET 2009

Hi Zoltan,

2009/12/19 Zoltan Lajos Kis <kiszl@REDACTED>:
> May I ask you what is the reason of not using Erlang records in ewgi? You
> seem to be reimplementing record handling there on purpose.
> Using records would render most of your getter/setter macros and functions
> unnecessary saving you a few hundred lines of code.
> Also the API would be much more straightforward to use. At least for me :).
at the last EUC I talked with Hunter Morris about this.
We both agreed that removing records from the implementation was
probably not a good idea.
We will put them back soon.

The API interface however will remain at its place so that, as Davide
said, code written using the APIS will be future proof.


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