[erlang-questions] "Erlang as a First Language" -- crazy? or just stupid?

Jilani Khaldi jilani@REDACTED
Sun Dec 20 10:10:38 CET 2009

Why not Prolog?
 From wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prolog)

[Prolog is a general purpose logic programming language associated with 
artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.
Prolog has its roots in formal logic, and unlike many other programming 
languages, Prolog is declarative: The program logic is expressed in 
terms of relations, represented as facts and rules. Execution is 
triggered by running queries over these relations.]

Prolog has almost the same syntax of Erlang (the first Erlang 
interpreters have been written in Prolog!).
There are many free Prolog interpreters and even native compilers.

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