[erlang-questions] Using Dialyzer on Ubuntu 9.10?

Lovei Laszlo lovei@REDACTED
Sat Dec 19 11:50:09 CET 2009

Kostis Sagonas wrote:
> Jeremy Raymond wrote:
>> Do I need to download/compiler Erlang myself with the debug info to use
>> dialyzer or am I missing something here (can I find the debug info 
>> somewhere
>> else)?
> I think you should do yourself a favour and scrap the Ubuntu Erlang 
> package and instead go for installing yourself the source version of 
> R13B03, which builds .beam files with debug_info in them (as it should).

Why does Dialyzer not support building plt from source code? It would be 
an easy solution to install the packaged OTP sources and generate the 
plt from them.

> Besides the ability to run dialyzer on your code, you will end up with a 
> better/newer Erlang system.  The installation process itself should be 
> trivial.

You have a point here, but using packaged software has its own 
advantages too, and Erlang packages in Debian are getting better and 
better. (Maybe there will be packages built with debug_info sometime, 
who knows.)


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