Using Dialyzer on Ubuntu 9.10?

Jeremy Raymond jeraymond@REDACTED
Fri Dec 18 17:37:34 CET 2009


I'm attempting to run dialyzer on my code on Ubuntu 9.10 with the Erlang
version (R13B01) that ships with Ubuntu. Dialyzer tells me I need to build
my plt file. When I attempt to do so by running the command:

     dialyzer --build_plt -r

I get the error message, 'dialyzer: Could not get abstract code for
file...'. Searching online it seems that the debug info has been stripped
out of the beam files of the Erlang shipped with Ubuntu to reduce the size
as per:

Do I need to download/compiler Erlang myself with the debug info to use
dialyzer or am I missing something here (can I find the debug info somewhere



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