Why is the compiler optimization CFLAG -O2 enforced for epmd, epmd_cli, epmd_srv, esock, debuglog, esock_poll, esock_osio, esock_utils, esock_posix_str, esock_openssl

Ceriel Jacobs cerieljacobs@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 21:39:07 CET 2009

My preference is to set compiler optimization flag -fast (on Mac OS X GCC 4.2.1).

Why are there in the erlang build 10 compiler lines where the compiler optimization flag -O2 is enforced?
1. epmd.c
2. epmd_cli.c
3. epmd_srv.c
4. esock.c
5. debuglog.c
6. esock_poll.c
7. esock_osio.c
8. esock_utils.c
9. esock_posix_str.c
10. esock_openssl.c

How/why can the user (best) (not) (try to) override this -O2 with a flag of own choice?


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