[erlang-questions] OTP13B03 failed to make parallel on OS X 10.6 in 64-bit: ld: duplicate symbol in libei.a(ei_portio.o) (ei_connect.o)

Björn-Egil Dahlberg egil@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 19:12:47 CET 2009

Sverker Eriksson wrote:
> Ceriel Jacobs wrote:
>> ld: duplicate symbol _ei_tracelevel
>> Q2: Any suggestions how to pass beyond this barrier?
> Change lib/erl_interface/src/misc/ei_internal.h from
> int ei_tracelevel;
> to
> extern int ei_tracelevel;
> Seems your linker is less forgiving with duplicate definitions of global 
> variables. How many more are we going to find...

This fix now on git://github.com/psyeugenic/otp.git pr/ei_extern_fix

It will probably make it into erlang/otp r13b04_dev tonight or tomorrow.


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