[erlang-questions] erlang emacs mode question

Dan Gudmundsson dangud@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 08:30:08 CET 2009

My plan was to fix the bugs that I could, and depend on the community
to add new cool stuff and fix the hard parts that I can't.

So please send patches/improvements and I promise to be more active
and give them some love.


On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 3:54 AM, Dave Peticolas <dave@REDACTED> wrote:
> I'm glad the default mode is now getting some love. Going forward,
> I think it would be best to combine efforts and avoid a separate
> fork if possible, it's just easier for everyone that way. It sounds
> like the main remaining difference is the skeletons? Is there any
> plan to roll the erlware skeletons into the main version? And did
> you also incorporate flymake support? That's really quite handy.
> thanks,
> dave
> Logan, Martin wrote:
>> :-)  Well I am glad that the regular mode benefited from it.  The thanks
>> for the Erlware mode really goes out to Dave Peticolas who owns it and
>> maintains it quite well. He has added quite a lot of new support for things
>> like flymake and a bunch of other cool stuff which does not spring to mind
>> right now.
>> Perhaps there is a way we can collaborate more actively now with Erlang up
>> on github as you say.
>> Cheers,
>> Martin
>> P.S I will take that "owe me one" in the form of a beer next year at EUC
>> ;-)
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>> Hi Martin
>> I guess you haven't tested the new erlang mode either :-)
>> or have you incorporated the fixes we have done?
>> I used the erlware version myself before Kenneth hit me hard and told
>> me to fix our version and apply the patches we had received.
>> The one thing I miss is the edoc skeltons which you have and that you
>> broke
>> out the skeletons to a separate file.
>> I don't use distel either so maybe your variant works better with that.
>> But I have "stolen" some of the fixes you had and done many more and added
>> several large patches from Anders Dahlin and Tomas Abrahamsson into
>> which I think
>> is a better version.
>> Hopefully now with erlang on github we can join our efforts again, so
>> that we can
>> get the best of the two things. I know that our support of the emacs
>> mode havn't been
>> the best and when time is tight the emacs mode get down prioritized.
>> It will probably happen again but now with erlang on github available
>> it should be easier to
>> apply the improvements the community makes.
>> Cheers (I think I owe you one)
>> /Dan
>> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 11:28 PM, Logan, Martin <MARTIN.LOGAN@REDACTED>
>> wrote:
>>> BTW,  the erlware erlang mode "erlware-mode" is much better than the
>>> erlang
>>> mode.  Many bugs have been fixed and the skeletons are all edoc'd.  It
>>> has
>>> been well maintained for over 2 years and is now way ahead IMHO.  You can
>>> find it at erlware.org or over at the google code site
>>> code.google.com/p/erlware-mode
>>> Cheers,
>>> Martin
>>> On 12/14/09 10:36 AM, "Göran Båge" <goran.bage@REDACTED> wrote:
>>> Thanks Dan,
>>> Yes it worked in R13B03, adding '%% ' and removing '%% '. Just my kind
>>> of timing bringing it up just when it was fixed, it's been bugging me for
>>> quite some time before I got around to asking:-). We are very slow
>>> moving to new releases as we have long lived products running out there,
>>> we still have some R9 based ones and I've not run R13 before, just
>>> installed
>>> it as a matter of fact.
>>> Cheers
>>> --Göran
>>> Dan Gudmundsson wrote:
>>>> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 4:56 PM, Göran Båge<goran.bage@REDACTED>
>>>>  wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Is there a reason why the erlang emacs mode treats comment (^C^C) and
>>>>> un-comment
>>>>> (^C^U) asymmetrical, comment adds '%% ' and uncomment removes '%'.
>>>>> Pretty
>>>>> annoying if you ask me (but who would even think of doing that :-). It
>>>>> used
>>>>> to work by adding only '%' earlier (maybe very much earlier like in R9
>>>>> or
>>>>> so).
>>>> Have you tried the latest erlang mode, on github or in R13B03?
>>>> Both ^U^C^C and ^C^U works for me.
>>>> /Dan
>>>> PS: There are a lot of changes in the latest release of the erlang emacs
>>>> mode,
>>>>        so if we broke something please report or even better post a
>>>> patch.
>>> --
>>> -- Goran
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