Avoiding a bottleneck (nitrogen+yaws, app logic, couchbeam+couchdb)

Jeremy Raymond jeraymond@REDACTED
Sun Dec 13 19:23:27 CET 2009


I'm building a web application using nitrogen+yaws as the front end and
using couchbeam+couchdb as the back end. In the middle will by my
application logic. I plan to have a module to be the data access API in
front of couchbeam+couchdb. From the looks of things yaws and couchdb will
scale for what I need, but I'm looking for some advice on how to structure
my data access module. If I make this a typical gen_server then won't I be
bottlenecked with my data module will be running on a single thread? Does it
make more sense to not  use gen_server in this case and use a
straight functional module instead so that the data access module code runs
on the calling thread (yaws)? Any general ideas on a high level design for
the data access module would be appreciated.



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