The Erlang CMS Zotonic version 0.2.0 has been released.

Marc Worrell marc@REDACTED
Fri Dec 11 13:22:50 CET 2009

Hello Erlang users,

We are proud to announce our second release, Zotonic 0.2.0.
The zip file can be downloaded from Google code:

Please read on for the release notes.

Kind regards,

The zotonic team,

Marc Worrell
Tim Benniks
Arjan Scherpenisse

Zotonic, release 0.2.0, released on 2009-12-11

* New modules:
** mod_broadcast
  Send system messages to all users which are currently logged in in
  the Zotonic admin.

** mod_calendar
  Shows event resources in a week-overview, and generates ICalendar

** mod_mailinglist
  Module which allows you to define groups of recipients and send
  mailings to them. Can also send via the unix sendmail program.

** mod_twitter
  Receives feeds for Zotonic persons, using the Twitter streaming API.

* New core features:
** "catinclude" and "all catinclude" tags
  These include templates based on the category of a resource. Used
  in the admin to create custom fields based on category.

** Query search model
  Generate lists of resources on the fly. Used in mod_atom_feed to
  generate atom feeds, and has an API entrypoint, /api/search.

** More template filters:
  in_future, in_past, rand, twitter, escape_ical

* Bugfixes:
** Dynamic postgresql pool size, based on system load (issue #4)
** Issue in postgres pooling on stresstesting (#15)
** Uploaded files now get a proper mime type and extension (#5)
** And other issues: #2, #3, #9, #11, #14, #19, #20

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