End of year thanks to the OTP team

Bruce Fitzsimons bruce@REDACTED
Wed Dec 9 22:33:16 CET 2009


I'd just like to echo Steve Davis' comments ("btw the github move, the 
beta website, and doc searching is all truly spectacular and highly 
appreciated") from the obscurely named "asn1ct out of date?" thread.

Allowing contributions to Erlang while having it maintained as a stable 
commercial product is a hard balancing act, and the steady hand on the 
tiller is something everyone continues to benefit from -- it gives a 
high level of trust that new Erlang releases will work out of the box.

The move to open up the Erlang development process further has been 
amazing. We've all been frustrated at times by our patches seemingly 
disappearing (and occasionally, really disappearing) while they were 
processed by the OTP team. The github process supports further 
acceleration of contributions and allows open and frank discussion of 
the merits. I'm not anticipating that all patch authors are going to be 
happy all the time, so I expect some robust discussion about this 
on-list as well over the coming years, but this is healthy and hopefully 

So, thanks OTP team. You've done really well this year.


PS Can we expect to see you on Twitter and Facebook next? :-)

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