Final year project plan

Tim Fletcher twoggle@REDACTED
Wed Dec 9 19:19:34 CET 2009

> Doing a project with language you do not know is somewhat risky. You
> may end up spending more time learning language and programming tricks
> rather than developing your system. 2,5 months might be too short
> period of time to pull learning new language and finishing project.

That was my experience. I used Erlang for my final year university
project, and whilst it helped get me started learning Erlang, i didn't
spend nearly enough time on the academic side of things.

> I need to know In what area i need to give the special
> importance for my learning of my project

You need to demonstrate your ability to think/analyse/critique etc,
not your ability to code. So concentrate on the project report, not
the code. Make sure you tackle the core hypothesis of whatever you're
researching. Consider/explore alternative solutions. Demonstrate
analytical thinking.

> How to do the project within the time duration?

Limit the scope of your project; you can always include ideas for
things you wanted to do but did not have time to do in the "further
work" section of the report. Manage your time well.

Ask your supervisor for advice, and listen carefully.

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