[erlang-questions] reading data from a file

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Thu Dec 3 06:09:36 CET 2009

Thanks guys. You just saved me from myself. I had begin to descend into 
parsing hell by starting a hand written parser to process the token 
output of io:scan_erl_exprs/3. It was looking like a long and hard road.

The loss of comments doesn't worry me as the comments are there to 
remind me of the format of the file and nothing else.

Given the price of gold it's just as well it's weight is measured in 
electrons :-).


Jayson Vantuyl wrote:
> file:consult/1.  Note that I don't believe it recovers the comments, so rewriting files with it can be ugly unless you want to do something like "All bare strings are preserved as comments".
> That said, i've always found file:consult/1 to be worth it's weight in gold, even if it's unusually named.
> On Dec 2, 2009, at 8:00 PM, jm wrote:

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