[erlang-questions] massive distribution

Jarrod Roberson jarrod@REDACTED
Tue Dec 1 21:39:02 CET 2009

the project I am working on (inet_mdns @ github.com) addresses one part of
this solution.
Bonjour / Zeroconf is an auto discovery protocol based on multicast dns.
It is used for example by iTunes to auto-discover and publish music shares.
It is used be SubEthaEdit to auto-discover and publish shared documents.
I have used it very successfully to auto-discover / publish services in a
multi-language platform environment
in production systems. We added Zeroconf to Apache to auto-discover back end
servers, we added it to memcached,
so that it could be auto-discovered, we used it in J2EE applications to
publish and auto-discover dependent services.
We also used it in a Twisted server to auto-discover clustered nodes of
other Twisted servers and publish its services
to clients using the Twisted server.

I am using this project as a kind of Rosetta stone because I have
implemented Zeroconf in Java, Python and worked with C code.
So it is a known problem domain, I am trying to recreate those
implementations in Erlang as a real learning experience.
There is even something called Wide Area Bonjour for service discovery over
the internet proper.

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