[erlang-questions] Erlang Web 1.3RC1 web framework

Michal Ptaszek michal.ptaszek@REDACTED
Mon Apr 27 16:40:58 CEST 2009

Hello All,

The next version of the Erlang Web framework, Erlang Web 1.3RC1, is ready!
This is the first release candidate. We think this version of the framework
is full of brand new features, and hopefully it will attract a lot of attention.

The changes from the previous version 1.2.1 are:
 * distribution support
 * generic annotations added
 * new automatic form builder implemented
 * CouchDB support corrected
 * support for other than integers primary keys added
 * cross-framework logger introduced
 * wpart_paginate improvements
 * Xmerl removed from wtype's handle_call functions
 * "rewrite" feature in dispatcher rules added
 * wpart_bool corrected

And the more descriptive changelog:
 * distribution support
   Since Erlang Web release 1.3 has a new application child, its
   draft codename is eptic_fe (from eptic frontend).
   The new application allows users to distribute their services
   on a cluster of machines.
   The new application also provides very fast and convenient
   cache storage. Please see http://wiki.erlang-web.org/EpticFE
   for details.

 * generic annotations added
   Erlang Web's annotations are a meta-language extension that
   provides a possibility to define a control flow for each Erlang
   The annotations description is available at

 * new automatic form builder implemented
   It is now possible to have greater control of how the automatically
   generated form will look. The new generator is more flexible, allows
   building of a form based on the different HTML structures and gives
   a website designer a lot of freedom with building the CSS document.

 * CouchDB support corrected
   Erlang records are now mapped directly to the CouchDB document.
   Moreover, reading all entries from the selected domain uses CouchDB's
   views, since they are more efficient.

 * cross-framework logger introduced
   e_logger - is a tool for tracing the events within the framework -
   from the earliest phase in the lowest level server callback module,
   through the dispatching phase and dataflow processing parts, to
   the user-defined controllers. Together with the e_logger, there
   is a e_logger_viewer tool for analyzing the control flow for each

 * wpart_paginate improvements
   It is now possible to make a list of the numbered links to the
   pages that hold the parts of some collections. In addition, the
   'trim' attribute allows developers to control the length of this list.

 * redirect feature in dispatcher rules added
   Dispatcher can now act as an Apache's mod_rewrite.
   Read more on http://wiki.erlang-web.org/Dispatcher

 * wpart_bool corrected
   wpart_bool will now do the same as wpart_multilist (but renders a
   different HTML widget): http://wiki.erlang-web.org/Wparts/BasicTypes/bool

As you can see there are a lot of changes in this release which will be
very helpful.  

The complete documentation is available on Erlang Web's wiki page:

The source code for Erlang Web can be found on our official bitbucket's

The tarball containing the 1.3RC1 distribution is also available for download

Comments, ideas, feedback is most welcome.
Download, test it, please send us your thoughts, and some feedback!

Best regards,
Michal Ptaszek

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