[erlang-questions] Noob question about records

Larry White ljw1001@REDACTED
Sun Apr 26 03:36:17 CEST 2009

I'm on my second day of erlang and getting a compiler error while
experimenting with Records. Could someone steer me right?


-record(money, { currency = usd, amount = 0 }).

add(Money1, Money2) ->
       #money{currency=Cur1, amount=Amt1} = Money1.
       #money{currency=Cur2, amount=Amt2} = Money2.
       %% TODO: Check to see that the currencies are the same and throw
exception if not
       Total = Amt1 + Amt2.

The error I get is:
./money.erl:9: syntax error before: '#'
./money.erl:11: syntax error before: Total
./money.erl:12: syntax error before: '#'

The statement " #money{currency=Cur1, amount=Amt1} = Money1." seems to
work fine from the command line.

Also, I tried a number of variants: using a guard for example in the
function header, but couldn't figure out the right syntax for two guards :
when record(Money1, money) ...?... (Money2, money).

Also I tried using C1 = Money1#money.currency.  - but the next line caused a
syntax error.

Finally, apologies if this gets double posted. I sent one about 6 hours ago
but i don't think my subscription was active then.
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