[erlang-questions] Beams dependency tool

Oscar Hellström oscar@REDACTED
Tue Apr 21 15:15:44 CEST 2009


Check out the xref module in the tools application [1]. AFAIK Dialyzer
will warn you for undefined functions, but you'd need to build a PLT
with all the applications you are using. I'm also not sure that it can
output exactly which modules that seem to be used. Another approach
could be to try cover, also part of the tools application.


Maxim Treskin wrote:
> Hello
> How I can get list of beams which used by my application?
> I need smallest system to deploy on embedded hardware (ARM) and do not want to 
> take unused beams. I know that there may be implicit module usage, like
> Mod = list_to_atom("somemodule"),
> Mod:somefun()
> but it is not big problem.
> So, is there any tool for this? May be some actions with dialyzer?
> Thank you

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