[erlang-questions] receiving pang from net_adm:ping/1 even though net_adm:names/0 shows the other node (reposted)

Dennis Byrne dennis@REDACTED
Sun Apr 19 18:49:00 CEST 2009

(sorry if this goes to the list twice, I've just rejoined the list and
accidentally sent the original email an hour ago from the incorrect
email alias).

OK, here's the problem.  Never had problem with this before but this
is the first time I've used a Mac.  Here's the info:

>From console A ...

$ erl -sname foo -setcookie c

>From console B ...

$ erl -name bar -setcookie c

>From console C ...

$  /usr/local/lib/erlang/erts-5.6.4/bin/epmd -names
epmd: up and running on port 4369 with data:
name bar at port 51292
name foo at port 51290

>From Console B ...

(bar@REDACTED)1> net_adm:ping(bar@REDACTED).
(bar@REDACTED)2> net_adm:ping(foo@REDACTED).
(bar@REDACTED)3> net_adm:names().

Note that the pang is received after the cursor hangs for a few
seconds.  The cursor does not hang when I type

Dennis Byrne

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