[erlang-questions] Distributing nodes and full awareness

Sun Apr 19 00:00:24 CEST 2009

When net_kernel:connect_node/1 is called or net_adm:ping/1 or some such to establish a connection between nodes at some time subsequent to that connection all the nodes in the cloud of nodes will be known by the newly connected node. So, if node a connects to node b and b already knows about c and d then at some point shortly after the connection of node a node a will know about nodes b,c and d.  How is this accomplished and what are the semantics.  How can it be known when the transfer of all nodes in the system is completed.  I notice that after a net adm ping nodes() returns a list of length n and 5 seconds later even though no new nodes have been added to the cloud it returns n + y.  Can anyone save me the time of digging into the code to figure out the semantics here?

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