[erlang-questions] Games programming in Erlang

Benjamin Tolputt btolputt@REDACTED
Fri Apr 17 02:29:36 CEST 2009

Robert Virding wrote:
> A while back (a few years?) I remember there was something about
> programing computer games on/with Erlang. Unfortunately the articles
> are quite old so I wonder if anyone has some more recent references.

Aside from the SMASH, MMO Server Engine in blogged development
(http://sunweaver.blogspot.com/), I'm afraid there isn't any development
I could find. That, and while interesting, I think an MMO server is just
another way of framing the term "super scalable application server",
something Erlang is already known for :) Vendetta Online (an online
space-combat simulator) also use Erlang in their project, I'm sure
they'd appreciate the interest were you to contact them on it.

Given it is an interest of mine, I try to keep track on the subject. If
you're looking for the latest "client side" project, I think the last
one was in 2003, linking Erlang into an open-source 3D Engine
(NebulaDevice). The paper for it is located here


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer

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