[erlang-questions] Developing in Erlang for customer support

Richard Andrews bbmaj7@REDACTED
Thu Apr 2 04:39:01 CEST 2009

> Ideally, what I am looking for is an integrated testing/logging 
> framework such that log files could be parsed by the test framework
> to drive code simulations.  (i.e.  customer reports bug, sends log,
> log is run through the framework to generate test simulation of bug,
> rather than having to spend time reading a log and manually writing
> tests.)  Probably more an integrated testing/telemetry framework
> than a testing/logging one.  

The message tracing facilities of erlang:trace() using the {trace,Process} option might be a good place to start looking. By using this, all messages specified for capture into or out of the specified processes will be copied out to the tracer process which might log them to disk.

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