[erlang-questions] RPC from linkedin driver

Richard Andrews bbmaj7@REDACTED
Thu Apr 2 04:47:43 CEST 2009

> I am currently working on developing a linkedin driver (c language) for XML 
> parser (xmerl is too slow). This is a SAX parser is given the following input:
> 1. XML to be parsed
> 2. Call back functions (MFA) for start of node, end of node and for text 
> elements
> I found C APIs to do RPC calls from c-node (ei_rpc). This require ei_cnode and 
> fd parameters. That means I need to run the port as a c-node. 
> Is it possible to do RPC from linkedin driver without converting linkedin driver 
> as a c-node?

I *think* erl_driver describes what you want to know but I find your description/question somewhat confusing.

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