[erlang-questions] Problem with xmerl - xml parsing

Sreenivasan K sreenivasan.sreeramu@REDACTED
Wed Apr 1 14:37:35 CEST 2009

On 4/1/09, Richard Andrews <bbmaj7@REDACTED> wrote:
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>> \n problem in xml file .
> ...
>> this is the output i got when i run the program
>> >test_parse:start().
>> Out put is the xmlElement recort and for the string in xml file it is
>> parsing as "one    two     three" but this i had not expected i
>> experted \n in between one ,two and three. . And one more point i cant
>> put \n inside the string if i put \n in between the strings it parser
>> and displays as "\\n" i need only one \n is there is any way to put \n
>> inside the string .
> Erlang is not python.
> Have a look at iolib if you want to construct complex strings.
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thanks for your quick replay with same xml file i tryed with
By using this function i am getting \r\n in between one,two and three
. . . Same output is not coming when i use xmerl no \r\n is coming in
between one,two and three . . . ???

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