[erlang-questions] When does ERLC provide minmal feedback?

ggaliens@REDACTED ggaliens@REDACTED
Sat Nov 29 15:22:57 CET 2008

OK ... here's the info I should have provided last time around.
ERLC is crashing in odd ways when I run one of the main makefiles from a commandline as follows ...

markw@REDACTED /cygdrive/c/WingsSVN/src
$ make
make TYPE=opt common
make[1]: Entering directory `/cygdrive/c/WingsSVN/src'
erlc -pa ../../esdl-0.96.0626/ebin  -I ../../esdl-0.96.0626/esdl/include -I ../../esdl-0.96.0626  -I ../e3d -W +debug_info '-Dwi
ngs_version="0.99.52"' -pa ../intl_tools -o../ebin wings_lang.erl
erlc -pa ../../esdl-0.96.0626/ebin  -I ../../esdl-0.96.0626/esdl/include -I ../../esdl-0.96.0626  -I ../e3d -W +debug_info '-Dwi
ngs_version="0.99.52"' -pa ../intl_tools -o../ebin user_default.erl
erlc -pa ../../esdl-0.96.0626/ebin  -I ../../esdl-0.96.0626/esdl/include -I ../../esdl-0.96.0626  -I ../e3d -W +debug_info '-Dwi
ngs_version="0.99.52"' -pa ../intl_tools -o../ebin wings.erl

The odd thing is that this works in a slightly older code base tree (two years old).

The compile appears to HANG when compiling wings.erl

---- Richard Carlsson <richardc@REDACTED> wrote: 
> ggaliens@REDACTED wrote:
> > When does ERLC provide minimal feedback?
> > 
> > I am compiling parts of Wings3D graphical application.
> > 
> > Sometimes ERLC seems to compile (no errors no warns) and no .beam
> > generated. Sometimes  a  warning such as Error1 and Error2.
> > 
> > Is there some way I can force the compiler to give me more
> > instructive feedback ???
> > 
> > 'm afraid I'm getting these for some more gross reason such as bad
> > line delimiters ... bad white-space or invisible character or
> > something like that.
> Some details would be nice, such as:
>    - a specific source file that does not seem to work
>    - the exact command line used to compile it
>    - the exact text for the errors/warnings you are getting
>    - Unix or Windows?
>    - are you using a makefile or running the command manually?
>      /Richard

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