[erlang-questions] On a positive Erlang performance note...

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Fri Nov 21 19:14:46 CET 2008

Edwin Fine wrote:
> Ok, then, it's attached. I did a double check, and the HiPE-related 
> speedup was a bit less than 10x; it was 7-8x, in line with your previous 
> experiences. It's still a really good speedup (big difference between an 
> hour of run-time and 8 minutes!)
> The really significant thing is the combination of HiPE and parallelism: 
> a 29x speedup over sequential BEAM. If I had more processors ("only" 4), 
> it would be even better.

I might give it a try on a 16 core machine next week and see what 
happens.  You may want to put the data file on the web somewhere.

> I'm sure you can find ways to improve the 
> program; if so, I'd appreciate seeing the changes to learn better Erlang.
> Regards,
> Edwin Fine.
> PS Kostis, I see you have an email address in Greece. Do you perhaps 
> know or know of my friend Diomidis Spinellis from the U of Athens? He's 
> a very smart, great guy.

Yes, I know Diomidis (btw, he is from the Univ. of Economics & Business, 
not to be confused with the Univ. of Athens).  And yes, Athens Greece is 
known for producing very smart, great guys ;-)


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