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Adam Duston adam@REDACTED
Thu Nov 20 23:02:27 CET 2008

Thanks, I've seen this before. Allow me to ask the question in a
different way. Suppose you deploy an application, and there is a bug
that only appears under certain circumstances. The circumstances don't
occur for the first few days, but then the number of users increases
and a gen_server starts crashing every few minutes, each time getting
restarted by the supervisor. This could happen, for example, if there
is a situation that produces deadlock and gen_server calls start
timing out. Of course, each time a message is written to the SASL log.
Am I expected to use rb to read through the SASL log on a daily basis?
I can't imagine that I'm the first one facing this problem. How have
people dealt with this in the past?

Thanks again,

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Gleb Peregud <gleber.p@REDACTED> wrote:
> There's a log4j clone for Erlang:
> http://code.google.com/p/log4erl/
> But it seems it does not have a email logger, though it shouldn't be
> too hard to write one,
> BR
> On 11/20/08, Adam Duston <adam@REDACTED> wrote:
>> In my Java application, I can use an email logging target with log4j
>> and then, when an exception occurs, an email is politely delivered to
>> my inbox. In my Erlang app, I'm logging info and errors using
>> error_logger. I would like to be notified by email when one of my
>> gen_servers trips badly enough to shutdown and get restarted by the
>> supervisor. What is the idiomatic way to do this?
>> Thanks,
>> Adam
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