[erlang-questions] Semantics & mechanism of "preloaded" modules

Weppner, Harald harald.weppner@REDACTED
Thu Nov 13 02:36:11 CET 2008

Hi there,

We just came across a feature we didn't find documented in enough detail -
namely the feature of preloading modules. Could someone shed some light on
the semantics and mechanism of preloaded modules?

Background: we wanted to turn on the debug output in module prim_inet only
to find that it wouldn't report anything. We eventually stumbled over the
fact that this module is preloaded and that it's part of a sticky directory.
We then found the -nostick option to (re)load our version of the module
prim_inet, which got us the output we expected.

We'd love to understand where the preloaded module beams are stored and how
we could have our version of the module preloaded!? My guess is that
preloaded modules are included in the boot script and thus we'd simply have
to regenerate the script?

Thanks  & cheerio, Harry.

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