[erlang-questions] Replacing default shell in sshd

Charles Ahn nexes300@REDACTED
Sun Nov 9 12:46:17 CET 2008

If so then the module seems designed to accommodate a single user at a  
time because, if two users are logged in, one user exiting also kills  
the connection for the second one. I tried to find out why but I can't  
understand what the ssh code is doing, or even when the shell code  
gets called (I wanted to find out where the shell gets called so I  
could figure out how I am supposed to get the user name from within  
the shell). I read along and then the code enters the mysterious world  
of supervisors and I get lost.


David Svanlund wrote:
> After some digging in shell.erl I believe that just ending the loop is
> the correct way to do it. The default shell doesn't do anything
> special, except cleanup.
> David
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