[erlang-questions] Replacing default shell in sshd

Charles Ahn nexes300@REDACTED
Sat Nov 8 05:39:42 CET 2008

I was looking at the ssh module because I was somewhat interested in  
making a MUD in erlang that people can ssh into, but I can't quite  
figure out how I should go about doing this.

It appears that {shell, start, []} is the default shell, but when I  
read the related source it had a lot of code dealing with shell  
specific code, and I could not easily figure out exactly what messages  
the ssh module expects it to respond to. Can anyone tell me exactly  
what kind of behavior a replacement module requires for the ssh module  
to work correctly?

Furthermore, does anyone see anything that makes the ssh module  
unsuitable for what I'd like to do?

Also, just to point something out, when I start the ssh server, the  
server will crash if I do not have DSA keys in the system directory.  
Having RSA keys only does not work and, in fact, I am not certain the  
daemon is capable of using RSA keys server side.

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