[erlang-questions] Learning Erlang from the Armstrong book

zambal zambal@REDACTED
Wed Nov 5 10:01:25 CET 2008

On 5 nov, 06:08, "Tony Cappellini" <cappy2...@REDACTED> wrote:
> So how is a newbie supposed to know which code in the "recommended"
> book is valid?

All code in the book is valid. It's just that not all code are valid
shell expressions.

Maybe this seems odd in the beginning, but as you learn more about the
language,the run-time system and how code is organised, it starts to
make sense.

For now, you just have to remember the used convention in the book
that code examples that should be run from the shell start with a
shell command prompt like this:

1> .....
2> .....
3> etc.

and the rest of all examples is code that should be written in an
erlang source file (*.erl files). These code listings are typically
function definitions that look like this:

some_funtion(Parameter) ->

another_funtion() ->

Good luck with learning Erlang. After the basics it should really
become fun!


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