[erlang-questions] Erlang Web by E.T.C. released

Gleb Peregud gleber.p@REDACTED
Mon Nov 3 20:18:09 CET 2008

I've stumbled upon interesting news:

> The Erlang Web is an open source framework for the rapid
> deployment of web based interfaces. By separating the HTML
> generation, glue and logic while retaining it in the same memory
> space, we provide a framework which gives the developer better
> control of content management where reusability is the key.
> Erlang Training and Consulting has been using the Erlang
> Web in commercial applications for three years, and has now
> decided to release it as open source. For more information and
> to download the latest version of the code, read documentation
> and view examples, visit the Erlang Web site.
via http://www.erlang-consulting.com/aboutus/news.html#103

Project is available here: http://www.erlang-web.org/

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