[erlang-questions] is there an elephant in the room? mnesia network partition

Jan Lehnardt jan@REDACTED
Mon Nov 3 10:45:37 CET 2008

On Nov 2, 2008, at 18:23, Joel Reymont wrote:
> Strictly speaking, I could keep mnesia as a transient data store and
> keep my master database in a non-Erlang database. I just thought I'd
> poll the community regardless.

CouchDB (http://couchdb.org), written in Erlang, is built for  
where disconnected operation is the general case. It comes with peer-to-
peer replication, automatic conflict detection and resolution (yay).

It is not a drop-in replacement for Mnesia though, so work is required  
use it in an Mnesia-based application. Also, it does not (yet) have a  
Erlang interface, "only" a RESTy HTTP API that is extremely easy to work
with. There are Erlang libraries interfacing with the HTTP API that  
get you started. CouchDB will eventually feature a native Erlang API  
doesn't require you to go through HTTP.

(Shameless plug #315: if anyone wants to work on this, *cough*, we could
use some help).


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