[erlang-questions] erl_connect vs ei_connect

Roger Critchlow rec@REDACTED
Sun Mar 30 21:44:01 CEST 2008

So I noticed in passing in some erlang-question posting in the last few
weeks that one of these was deprecated in favor of the other.

But now that I'm looking at the documentation I can't figure out which one
is which, nor would I even look for ei_connect I hadn't seen the message
that mentioned it.

If you open the erl_interface application tab in the documentation, you're
pointed at the erl_connect documentation by default.  You must open the EI
Connect Library Reference to find ei_connect.  If you read the
Interoperability Tutorial, it explains how to use erl_connect.  You need to
go to the otp sources, lib/erl_connect/src/, to find out that ei_connect.c
is in the connect/ directory and erl_connect.c is in the legacy/ directory.

This is called: "How to win the hearts of new users by making the best use
of their limited time."

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