[erlang-questions] clueless lfe + dialyzer question

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Wed Mar 26 01:29:44 CET 2008

If dializer were to use the standard LFE parser then producing line numbers
would be well nye impossible. I have a sligth fix in LFE when I read a file
and return a list of pairs {Form,LineNumber} so the compiler can give some
indication of where an error is. At least in which form it is.

If dializer were to use its own reader then it could tag everything with a
line number and so give much better info.


P.S. New LFE version ready Real Soon Now (TM).

On 26/03/2008, Raoul Duke <raould@REDACTED> wrote:
> would dializer work with source code i write in lfe style, to show the
> right line numbers and everything? i'm ass-u-me-ing no. i mean, i know
> dialyzer can do either erlang source or beam code, so presumably i
> could use dialyzer on the back-end-output of lfe, but ideally i'd love
> line numbers.
> gracias.
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