[erlang-questions] Gen_leader load balancing c++ server

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Wed Mar 26 00:18:37 CET 2008

I need to load balance c++_server and thinking about using gen_leader.  My
setup would be the following:

    v                    ^
python_client -                     -> c++_server
           -(1)           (2) -
        -              -
          ->    gen_leader   -
        -              -
           -(1)           (2) -
python_client -                -> c++_server
    ^                    v

1) python_client makes a request
2) gen_leader passes the request to one of the worker process
3) c++_server then replies backs synchronously back to python_client


1) How can I get erlang(gen_leader) to communicate with c++_server?
2) Any hint on how I can get python_client to talk to gen_leader?
3) Does gen_leader support synchronous request/reply kind of behaviour?


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