[erlang-questions] Debugging a remote node

Andrew Stone stondage123@REDACTED
Thu Mar 20 19:15:42 CET 2008

Hi All,

I'm trying to debug a remote erlang node.

Specifically, I have a process crash and I want to look at the state of the Node to see where that process was when it died.  I can ssh into the remote box. I would like something similar to using gdb on a core file.

Alternatively, I would also like a way to be able to remotely step through the erlang code until it crashes.

I have looked at both the dbg and debugger module but am having trouble making sense of all the options. I cannot get the graphical debugger to see the remote node even with the same cookies set.
Furthermore, since I have no X Window support on the remote node the graphical debugger window will not pop up remotely if started there.  

On the live system, I'm not sure I want to run distributed erlang anyway so the first option would be better for me in the long run, but getting the debugger GUI up and running may help during development.

I would appreciate any help in this matter.


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