[erlang-questions] Erlang 10 years of Open Source; it is time for the next step

Elliot Murphy elliot.murphy@REDACTED
Tue Mar 18 18:37:43 CET 2008


Torbjorn Tornkvist wrote:
>>> I just got back from QCon 2008 in London.
>>> Lots of interesting presentations, and among them
>>> one by Joe Armstrong about Erlang.
>>> One talk was about the Eclipse team and how they had
>>> gone from a closed development style to a style where
>>> all their internal processes was completely open to public(*).
>>> It is now 10 years (I think...) since Erlang became Open Source.
>>> The last year, the interest in Erlang has exploded and I think
>>> it is time to take the next step; open up the development of Erlang.
>> We have plans to make Erlang available in a SVN repository.
>> The plan is that we continue development in Clearcase , since we see
>> absolutely no advantage in changing that. We will synchronize to and
>> from the SVN repository
>> automatically at regular intervals (probably daily)
>> The repository will be available for anyone with read access..
> This is excellent news!
> However, it is really beneficial to be able to clone a repository.
> This way anyone can publish their patches which then can be merged
> by anyone with a maintained history.

We can easily set up a continuous import on Launchpad.net from a
subversion repository into a bazaar branch. This will make it easy for
people to clone the repository using bazaar, and should not require any
additional work. People could then maintain their own branches in
bazaar, and easily generate patches, merge from the official trunk, etc.
without needing any rights to the subversion repo.
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