[erlang-questions] Unexpected behaviour of timer:sleep

shehan shehan@REDACTED
Wed Mar 19 11:35:54 CET 2008

timer:sleep(1) means 1 millisecond hold the process. But 15000 mean 15
milliseconds.  In old Erlang version (5.5.5) it is came as expected.(pls see
below)  15000 come in Erlang 5.6 version. 


In Erlang 5.5.5


1> timer:tc(timer, sleep, [1]).
2> timer:tc(timer, sleep, [2]).
3> timer:tc(timer, sleep, [7]).



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On 19/03/2008, shehan <shehan@REDACTED> wrote:

Hi all,

When I am running following command, unexpected value came as result. Why is


(test@REDACTED)15> timer:tc(timer, sleep, [1]).  


I expected value is, between 1000 to 2000.

timer:tc returns the elapsed time in microseconds, so it is within your


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