[erlang-questions] Erlang history converted to Bazaar and published on launchpad

Elliot Murphy elliot.murphy@REDACTED
Thu Mar 13 23:18:13 CET 2008


I've been learning Erlang, and when I went to look at how Erlang was
built on the inside, I felt disappointed at only having source
tarballs and not a version control system to examine how things
changed over time.

So, I went back and tried to invent some history! I've imported most
of the last 10 years of source releases into bazaar, and published the
result here:
You can see a screenshot of bazaar displaying some of the history here:

I hope this might be mildly useful to other folks trying to learn this
fascinating system. If anyone is interested in helping me maintain
this history as additional releases are made going forward, let me
know and I'll add you to the team with write access, or will merge
your branches (anyone can publish a branch to launchpad and mark it as
associated with the Erlang project).

I've tried to make the page clear that it is not the official Erlang
site, and link back to the real project home page.

Elliot Murphy | https://launchpad.net/~statik/

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